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Electric Motion's cutting edge technology makes them the leaders in the Electric Trial and Trail market. Their market leading Mechanical Clutch enables you to tackle the most extreme challenges.  


More than half of the world population lives in cities where traffic is jammed. That simple fact got my designers mind thinking: which vehicle would be the
perfect, most simple solution for city transport?

I decided it should be a light electric motorbike. A bike that makes life lighter and easier, yet elegant and at a high level.
The solution for the city, and a joy in the countryside.

Enjoy it!

Ronald Meijs

Simply Beautiful

Urban Lifestyle

100% Electric



Motorbikes have always been a major part in my life but with less and less places to ride and with increasing maintenance time and costs, motor sport has become somewhat of a chore. After accidentally finding an article on electric motorbikes, it was clear that the world is headed for a much greener way of life and that electric is certainly the new future. With virtually no noise, no harm to the environment and very low maintenance, problems of motor sport are solved!


Extensive research showed that there is a big need for electric motor bikes in South Africa. Trials skills are key to extreme enduro and are not developed nearly enough in South African riders. This is one thing holding our young riders back from winning all the big international races. Electron Powersports provides a solution to this by suppling silent bikes where trials skills can be developed in the comfort of your own backyard with no more noise, jetting problems and petrol fumes.

With our wide range of Electric Motion models, we cater for anyone starting in the teenage category up to a more advanced off road trial level of riding. For those who are not into off road adventures, travel in style and enjoy the ride around town on the uniquely stunning and completely silent Meijs Motorman electric moped.



Electron Powersports | Johannesburg, South Africa

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