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The increasing need for green energy is driving industries to investigate newer, safer and more energy efficient lithium-ion cell technology. Because of this, Electron Powersports has signed up as the official partner of NPE in order to bring Genuine high performance cells to the South African market.

Molicel has been in the Lithium Battery industry for over 40 years and in 1987 was the first in the world to make Li-Ion Rechargeable cells. As one of the world’s leading producers of lithium-ion cells, Molicel® continues to pioneer the development of technologies to meet future energy challenges.

Their track record speaks for themselves – they have supplied storage solutions to NASA, BMW, Uber Jump and Zero motorcycles, just to name a few. Molicel’s lithium ion batteries have received outstanding ratings by Mooch, the Vape Battery Guru, and have out-performed almost all the other brands. In fact Mooch actually calls the Molicel INR 18650 P26A the best performing 18650 on the market. Mooch further calls the Molicel P42A the best all around battery, beats Samsung 40T.


While fake rewraps are always a concern (especially for the vaping community due to the safety risks in the e-cig application), Molicel recently partnered with NPE energy in order to supply their cells directly to the public. This prevents old and fake cells being supplied into the market.


Electron Powersports is proud to be part of the Molicel team.